Our Corporate & Social Responsibilities

Barron Wood recognises the Corporate and Social Responsibilities it has to all it’s employees, customers, and the wider community. The company is committed to conducting business that achieves sustainable growth and fulfils all legal and moral obligations.

BWD_6386aThe company aims to achieve its business objectives in a responsible manner, recognising the economic, social and environmental impacts of its activities.

Whilst the formal reporting of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is relatively new to the business, the company has been providing initiatives and cost-effective solutions to its customers for many years.

sedexThe concept of providing CSR is fully integrated into the long-term strategic approach for the business; thus reducing waste, improving the welfare of staff and engaging within the local community are paramount. The company’s innovative approach to the logistics industry and most of all the strength and wealth of experience throughout its workforce provides the foundations needed to deliver a successful and sustainable CSR strategy.

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